How we use forks


How we use utensils in modern day is a source of very little discussion – but not any more, so come with me…  All our cultural mores about food consumption have an interesting history.  Most of all, a lot of our mores are often about how we comply to social constructs.  I will stretch myself a little here and attempt to de-construct some of these to see what they really mean, not just in terms of our behaviour with food but with anything.

Like school uniforms.

Or gender specific attire.

Or why some dishes developed in the first place like Fish with Chips and Peas.  Why that combination? Or hummus with pitta bread?

The stories, myths, legends and gods and goddesses that have shaped our fiction and history have always been full of clues to why we do things.  Is it possible religion grew out of our earliest understanding of astronomy?

We’re so weird.


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