One paste to rule them all

Chard paste

I know what you’re thinking.

A paste that can give you nutrition for 4 dishes?

No way? Yes, way! (And yes, I dug that Keannu hairstyle for myself circa 1995)…

So, let me begin by saying the 7 year old is addicted to spinach rice. Or what you might see on indian restaurant menus as ‘palak pilau’. No, I never noticed it either.

So, because I like to be LEAN as in the management style, not my body shape, I use the paste for the spinach rice but it can also be used as a dip, a pesto and a spread or stir-in sauce for stir fry.

I don’t actually use spinach either.

I use chard. Again, being LEAN. Chard is more robust to grow, has fewer pests, bolts less, often self seeds, is more productive and tastes better than spinach and is more versatile. My garden had 3 chard plants that grew by themselves which have given me more greens this year than I can even get through.

You only need about two to four large leaves. Wash and chop roughly. Then nuke them in a small amount of water for about a minute in the microwave or gently in a pan for a couple of minutes to wilt them.


Now put in a blender or spice mill with a quarter of a shallot or onion, salt, pepper, a few cardommom seeds – not pods, a couple of cloves, some cumin powder, some coriander powder, a green chilli, a clove of garlic, a smidge of ginger, handful of frizen garden peas and blitz until smooth.

Now, use a quarter of it as a base for a pilau or similar amount for any of those other dishes.

It costs about £1 but goes a long way.

You can freeze it or keep in fridge for a couple of days.




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