Fortress of Forthitude



I am a big fan of Superman.

Just leaving that there.

When I was a wee critter in the wilds of Luton, my parents had a shed. It was my favourite place in the entire universe.

I occasionally reminisce about the clutter with which I co-existed, remnants of my dad’s carpentry, useful things my mum held onto like old biscuit tins in which to collect ladybirds to save them but alas, only resulted in their doom.

And now I have a woman-shed. But I was on-trend three and a half decades ago.

So, the delicate thing is that it is now full of so much stuff I really need to de-clutter.

I hear this is also a trendy thing to do, leading one to a zen-like enlightenment that no amount of MDMA can force in ravers already in a trance.

We are naming the clutter ‘Zod’.

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