What shall we call this new science?


Yes.  This is Forthology.

The science of going into the unknown with food, foraging, photography and anything else. We have Forthitude (I won’t stop those puns).  Okay, so it’s a word I made up.  I’m Hazera Forth.  I like the idea of being a pioneer, always looking for the inventive or fresh approach to how we live.  I’m what they call a “generalist”.  I have so many interests in so many things, I can’t decide what to be because everything is exciting.  My day job was an analyst.  Go figure (sorry, it was another play on words and I really won’t stop), and through that, I learnt that everything tells a story and those stories help us make decisions about our lives – whether shaping government policies to how many pumpkins a supermarket has to stock during Halloween week.  I get that big picture but I love the detail too.  I don’t know many people like that and the ones I do, they are amazing.  And every single one of them lives near me.  I occasionally join my adventures with their adventures and we create fireworks!

I am not a chef or a gardener, or a programmer or a scientist or a writer – I am legion.  I refuse to be put in a box with a label.  I am legion! I do a lot of activities that involve food and growing.  Most of all, I like finding food with the least amount of effort.  This means foraging!

I’d like to think this site will illustrate some of my adventures.  I hope it will move people out of their comfort zones and go out and look at what they can do in whatever sphere of life they want.  I’ll post recipes, ideas, failures as well as connect crazy things together.

Forthology is about letting ideas flourish so nothing is a failure.  Think of it as a philosophy, a new science for the generalist.  Ideas have power and can change people.  One idea got man to the moon so who knows, maybe with a bit of Forthology, we can change the world?

Join us in the forum, it’s based on “Open Space Technology” where folk can just flit between things, shake up traditional modes of thinking, join together chickens with wind turbines for all I care but (that is an image you will never shake)…have ideas – even if they don’t appear to work.  Seed someone (oo-er) with an idea and let them run with it or just use your imagination – PLAY, dammit, like children do.



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