I have to introduce you to Wini. She is an Osteopath which is ‘bone crusher’ in my head.

Wini has different perspectives than me but overall we have a similar goal about food and nutrition. I like all the science and geekery and Wini has a more holistic thang going on.

And yes, we argue.

She is a trained dancer so understands how the body has to work and what you have to put inside it not to die in a horrible, slow, wheezing kind of way, like unfit people like me.

We often attempt to forage in our local neighbourhood.  One of my experiments was to train a blackberry bush to grow up a shepherd’s hook a couple of years ago.  It gave me over 6 kilos of blackberries that year.  So, I chopped it down to the base to let it rest a year and this year I have had similar success! So, with the help of the 7 year old, we made ice-lollies.

You need about 50-75ml of plain Greek yoghurt (or is that yogurt?) for each lolly or calippo style iced fruit, some icing sugar or honey, vanilla extract and the blackberries – just taste as you go to get the level of sweetness and flavour you like.  Crush the life out of those berries for a textured marbled lolly or if you want a very rich, dark version, use a blender.  Fill your lolly holders – we got ours from IKEA – not a ‘plug’ for the brand but they have good lids and means they do not have to be upright in the freezer and if the kids can’t finish them, chuck it back in the freezer or just use in a milkshake later.  Great for car journeys because the LID!  THE LID.  And yes. The LID.

It’s also a really frugal and fun way to get some actual nutrition into your spawn. Blackberries contain so much vitamin C, it’s like a miracle remedy.  The pictures were taken on a smartphone, which isn’t actually a very smart phone so it’s all a bit blurry.  I’ll just call it the halcyon filter.

Forthology_small34 Forthology_small39 Forthology_small37 Forthology_small36 Forthology_small35

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