These here pictures are just a glimpse of what I have been doing over summer. I had a chance to ruin someone’s allottment. She is probably going to kill me when she realises my hopeless attempts at suppressing the weeds.

Got told off for using contraband carpet.

Anyway, most of what you see were actually from the garden. Oh, yes!

Except the patty pan.

I shall tell you about the blackberries in a blog post which will be completely out of season but I am catching up with myself. I am an ‘enthusiast’ more than I am an expert at anything so watch me make a complete mess.

There will be a lot of experiments. One of which is about my third year attempt at growing oca. (New Zealand Yam).  I will dig out (ahem – puns just come at me and I don’t duck)… the latin names of things too. Am sure it’t oxalis in this case.


One thought on “Frolicks

  1. Ha! Yes, because your friend was Soooooo competent at weed suppressing before you came along. That carpet was super effective before we got told off. Shame.

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